Two Angel's Over My Shoulders

I am very happy with how my Angel's came out. They do go together as a set and can compliment any room. The first angel to the left is the healing angel of light and the angel on the right is in a storming scene protecting us from evil with her sword. It shows us that God is with us even through stormy times with grey clouds. The sword represents the word of God. 

My grandma wrote a poem before she died and it is below. The amazing part of this poem is she is talking about God's heaven and how we all go through stormy times also with clouds of grey also in our life. The part the hits home most for me is when she mentions this:

"Can you imagine painting a sublime scene in the grey of skies and clouds and dreaming of the familiar beauty of a bright day? It's not just God's entire scheme. It is part of his perfect plan." 

That is amazing to me considering I painted these angels and had a surreal dream I went to heaven and woke up singing glory on Christmas Morning a few years ago.

I know it is part of God plan for me to inspire others that heaven is real. 😇❤

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